April 17, 2012

The Ultimate Sex Brownie..

My gorgeous ex house-mate used to call my brownies 'sex brownies' because they are just that good! so here is the ultimate sex brownie recipe; with an added later of cookie dough and oreo's! Warning, have in small chunks..its totally calorific..enjoy!..x

Collect all ingredients, if you do not want to do the cookie mix and brownie mix from scratch then can buy ready made. See links for recipes below.
Make cookie dough and press into a greaseproof tin.

Add a layer of Oreo's..

Make up brownie mix and add chocolate chunks if desired!

Spread the brownie mix over the cookie layer + Oreo's.
leave to cool and then cut into chunks..
The ultimate sex brownie..enjoy.x

for the cookie dough I used..http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/3468/basic-biscuit-dough
For the brownie I always use this trusted recipe..very good on its own with Oreo's or white chocolate chunks..http://www.cacaoweb.net/brownies3.html

April 11, 2012


1. A member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land.
2. A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer.

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