January 30, 2011

The month of LOVE...

Heart Candles, from tesco last year

It's almost time for my favourite month of the year..it brings the joy of feeling no more January blues, valentines and my birthday. (Also Gossip Girl starts again on wed! eeek)I'm so excited to have some time off, catch up with friends, have slushy time with the boy and spend time with the fam. My mama always gets me the best birthday surprises, last year she treated me to a cupcake workshop experience which was so much fun.

I am planning to do creative presents for the boy for valentines and I am so looking forward to spend some romantic time with him! What are you all hoping to get or do for valentines?

January 20, 2011


So I'm making my way through the amazing book;'The Goddess Experience' (book no.2) by Gisele Scanlon and she inspires me to make my very own list of micro-pleasures and happy list... Micro pleasures/Micro-hunting being looking for tiny little pleasures that make us happy right here and now..
A Happy List being a list of things that make you extra happy..

Check out this footage and send me your lists.. http://www.thegoddessguide.com/

The start of my Happy List..
  • My new Topshop 'Oversized Boyfriend Coat' which I found hiding in their sale, like buried treasure - the price also makes me happy!
  • Today I am doing my hair mask and my micro-pleasure would be the way my hair feels afterwards, so soft and silky...


So it's well into the third week of January and you would think by now I would have shaken off those blues? I think it's because I went away for the weekend and I enjoyed the break so much with my family and the boy, it made me realise how I want to do that so much more and how I do not get to do it enough! Here is a little selectionn of photos from my weekend away..I am already packing in my head for my next trip! Hopefully Paris for a valentine/birthday vacation?....

I am also feeling very overwhelmed with ideas, inspirations and dreams at the moment. Again its the idea of a new year and a new you. This year my resolution was to focus on my career and aspirations to fulfill a creative job..but I just do not know where to begin...

January 11, 2011

January Blues?

Got the January blues? well let me help you..January is a great month for all kinds of things; the start of a new year, new trends, new wardrobe, new you?! Here are some of the latest trends of Spring/Summer to totally adore and adopt..which ones do you adore?

Tantalizing Tangerine

Cobalt Blue

Elegant White

New Nudes

Floral Bloom

Everyday Denim