July 28, 2010

Diamond in the Rough...


This trend from Topshop sums up my style in a nutshell. Hence the name Hippy Sal; Red lips, kohl smokey eyes, leopard print, polka dots, tattoo print tees tucked into high waisted jeans, tan loafers, velvet bows. My style has a 60's fun about it; I love mixing vibes whilst creating a girly ambience but with a 'I also borrowed this from my boyfriend' edge...enjoy the Rough Diamond trend..I want every piece in the collection...

July 24, 2010

Cupcake Heaven...

My Cupcake workshop that I have been dying to go to since I got the present in February, was amazing. We learned how to make sugar roses, butterfly's and bows and oh my the icing is just so good it hurts! I think my fav one is the pink icing with the yellow polka dots - so me! It was real fun to be creative with cakes and I totally love making them look pretty...so much fun and now I want to go to the chocolate workshop oh and the cocktail one! Thanks mama.x.

July 22, 2010

On the Street...Bangkok, Thailand

This was a exquisite young girl in Thailand who had her own fashion stall. She almost always changed her style everyday (I went back to check) yet she still captured her unique cutesyness! Love the mix of masculine and feminine; pretty patterned neckline with the geek chic hat and glasses. The precious little tan pouch is just adorable and leather cuffs are just the perfect finishing touch. I purchased the little vintage flower patterned bag featured in the photo and it reminds me of this moment, every time I wear it...I wanted to buy the whole stall...

The Sartorialist

OK so I might be a little so last season with this but my new found love...The Sartorialist. Such a simple idea but pure genius. The Sartorialist is where Scott Schuman simply takes photographs of people on the street. He was passionate about capturing 'real people' and how it reflects what people really wear;
When I worked in the fashion industry (15 years), I always felt that there was a disconnect between what I was selling in the showroom and what I was seeing real people (really cool people) wearing in real life.


This blog is actually amazing, it's so inspiring it's overwhelming..

July 16, 2010

Vogue Library

My dream in life is to have the 'Carrie Closet'..that is the dream, the goal, the star in the sky. Yet a closer dream for me right now is my 'Vogue Library.' I want to have all my Vogues (in order - I'm not a Virgo but should be) on a beautiful, chic, white, grand bookcase. My inspiration being Anna's Wintor's exact bookcase - the editor of American Vogue (see the September Issue, one of my fav films). There is something satisfying to have all the fashion bibles of the world in one place, in order, that you can refer to, unwind to and adore....

July 15, 2010

moi je joue

Miss Dior Cherie Commercial by Sofia Coppola (Hi Q Director Cut)

moi je joue..is the exquisite video advert for Miss Dior Cherie, its just how I dream life to be and its probably every other girl's dream too!...pretty dress shopping in Paris, chocolate shops, amazing flowers, vintage sunglasses, tartes aux fraises, a big bouncy fresh bed, vogue on the dressing table with a big bottle of perfume, a grand staircase and cycling away without a care in the world....oh and who could forget a handsome Frenchman (I'm so lucky to have already!) Oh la la.x.

July 14, 2010

City Chic

Olivia Palermo in 'Today I'm wearing' for Vogue.

Olivia Palermo needs no introduction; a budding style icon, New York socialite and star of The City, she really does have it all. She has 'City Chic' down to a tee. With her Breton tops, vintage jewelry, tailored city shorts, safari coats, Mulberry bags, Topshop accessories, super sleek hair and ruby nails, what more could you really want? She can look good in peg leg trousers, a t-shirt and pumps. Palermo mirrors the style motif of Chanel, favouring masculines lines but with an elegant twist; "Menswear always has an influence on me and I think that's down to Coco Chanel - I think many women are influenced by her imprint on fashion." Palermo.

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

July 10, 2010

Old Hollywood...

Lauren Bacall

J'adore Dior...
Chic red pouts, honey hued hair and underwear as outer-wear, what more could you want...The Spring/Summer Collection of this year used the classic glamour of red lips. John Galliano's inspiration was Lauren Bacall and film noir.

I have to say I am a little bit obsessed with the Old Hollywood style, Marilyn Monroe is queen of this creation. There is something about red lipstick that not only makes you feel sexy but also chic and glamorous. It signifies power, high status and sex appeal. The red on it's own is a statement, yet teamed with golden locks it creates a soft sense of innocence and that is where the old romantic Hollywood vibe falls into place.

Follow Gwen Stefani, Sienna Miller and even Lauren Conrad who have all combined their luscious honey locks with a sexy red pout.
Gwen Stefani

Dior Catwalk Spring/Summer 2010 Part 1

July 07, 2010

Super Easy Playsuits

ASOS Bow Shoulder Playsuit, £32

Playsuits are the best for all-in-one summer styling. With their care-free vibe you can team with glads for ultimate festival fever or pair with heels for a glamorous evening look.

With so many choices from ditsy prints to arty fusion flower designs you can pretty much team your playsuit to your personality! I adore the polka dot prints that ooze 50's glamour when worn with red lips! One shoulder designs are a great way to show off sexy shoulders while still being a 'lady!' I have my eye on an exotic silky gold playsuit with tie dye, so easy to wear with sandals for day and gold chunky heels or tan wedges for night, oh my it just screams sexy summer nights.....

July 05, 2010

My 'Vanessa' Gossip Girl Look

My Vanessa inspired evening look; I combined her love of all things tribal in my top and added a zingy acid yellow body con skirt with grey shoes. Of course I finished off the look with big wavy Vanessa like hair and super big earrings. I really love the tangerine lip colour for this season so added that too!

This outfit also follows the 'colour bomb' trend which is going to be huge this autumn. This skirt is a sure match to Versace's stunning acidic yellow dress used in this years autumn/winter collection. The great thing about bright colours in the autumn; it comes with a built-in feelgood factor, fabulous for those cold miserable Monday mornings to come!

July 02, 2010

Boho Is The Best.x.

The Bohemian style never fails for a summer look. Whether It's the overall feel or a few key pieces there is something to suit all shapes. Mixing up vibes is always fun, for example try a cutesy/hippy style and add edgy rock pieces. A maxi dress with a denim studded Gilet over the top is a perfect way to create this. Or denim ripped shorts and a boho top.

My fav pieces for this style; hippy print maxi dress, 70's vibe over-sized sunglasses, fringing, beaded sandals, big earrings, turquoise accessories, tie die, big wavy hair with hippy bands, tan flats or heels, Chunky waisted belts (love tan for this too). Add more sex appeal with a tribal flair; add a tribal necklace or glads.

The 'New Boho' has a vintage influence, using borrowed items from 70's mum's, to be exact! keeping to the laid back rule it's a little bit country, pretty and fresh. Check out the 'Style Inheritance' trend from Spring/Summer 2010 @Vogue.com.

Think Vanessa from Gossip Girl, Sienna Miller and Drew Barrymore.