July 14, 2010

City Chic

Olivia Palermo in 'Today I'm wearing' for Vogue.

Olivia Palermo needs no introduction; a budding style icon, New York socialite and star of The City, she really does have it all. She has 'City Chic' down to a tee. With her Breton tops, vintage jewelry, tailored city shorts, safari coats, Mulberry bags, Topshop accessories, super sleek hair and ruby nails, what more could you really want? She can look good in peg leg trousers, a t-shirt and pumps. Palermo mirrors the style motif of Chanel, favouring masculines lines but with an elegant twist; "Menswear always has an influence on me and I think that's down to Coco Chanel - I think many women are influenced by her imprint on fashion." Palermo.

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

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