February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to Moi.x

It was my 25th birthday this week and I did lots of things to celebrate, you have already seen I went to the amazing Ritz, which really was amazing. This week has been super crazy, went to see Olly Murs in Brighton (nice bit of eye candy for the bday girl), had a girls night out, sushi and wine with my Fashionista, dinner with the fam and so many awesome gifts. Mama always does the cutest breakfasts, this year my fave, bucks fizz with strawberry's and bagels with scrambled egg + smocked salmon mmmmm. I love it that my birthday falls in the same week as valentine's as there's always heart gifts filling the shops including cupcakes yummm. I got Gino's cook book (swoon), Scallop vests from Topshop, underwear, SATC box set, a watch, handmade Jewellery, Before Sunrise double dvd, clothes, soap and glory stuff and Mac Make up! talk about being spoilt!


  1. Happy Birthday :)
    it all looks great!
    Love the colour of your lipstick.


  2. Thanks its Mac in So Chaud its one of my faves. Love your blog x