January 20, 2011


So I'm making my way through the amazing book;'The Goddess Experience' (book no.2) by Gisele Scanlon and she inspires me to make my very own list of micro-pleasures and happy list... Micro pleasures/Micro-hunting being looking for tiny little pleasures that make us happy right here and now..
A Happy List being a list of things that make you extra happy..

Check out this footage and send me your lists.. http://www.thegoddessguide.com/

The start of my Happy List..
  • My new Topshop 'Oversized Boyfriend Coat' which I found hiding in their sale, like buried treasure - the price also makes me happy!
  • Today I am doing my hair mask and my micro-pleasure would be the way my hair feels afterwards, so soft and silky...

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